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Vision Insurance

Vision coverage is a common addition to many people’s health insurance, but it’s not required.

Vision coverage will typically cover vision checks and other preventive care, as well as office visits and basic procedures.

If you are considering an advanced procedure, such as Lasix, make sure to tell your agent so they can build that possibility into your customized coverage plan.

Our licensed agents work with all the major carriers and do the heavy lifting for you. They will match you with the right plan for you.

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Why should I get a vision insurance plan?

Because routine vision care may not be included in your health plan. Coverage is relatively inexpensive and can save on your out-of-pocket eye care expenses.

Are there any other benefits?

By being a member of a vision insurance plan you will be entitled to discounts on your vision expenses, eyeglasses or even laser surgery.

How often should eyes be examined?

Yearly examinations are recommended but you should go whenever you feel there has been a change, particularly in a working environment. Insurance coverage makes regular eye exams affordable, ensuring that you take the correct prescriptive care.

Ensure Health will help to find the best vision insurance policy for you..

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vision Insurance work?

It’s a bit like Health insurance. You pay a monthly premium which entitles you to the services of the optician of your choice. Most insurers have a network of providers and a fixed price for each type of service. Some policies allow you to ‘shop’ off-network, though this is often more expensive.


Your policy will act like a ‘club card’ and entitle you to discounts on eyewear, including designer frames and multiple lens enhancements.
Some policies include discounts on elective treatments and corrective surgery such as laser treatment.

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