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Affordable Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance

Choosing the right
Dental Insurance

Dental coverage

is a common addition to many people’s health insurance, but it’s not required.

Dental coverage will typically cover checkups and other preventive care, as well as office visits and basic procedures.

If you are considering an advanced procedure, make sure to tell your agent so they can build that possibility into your customized coverage plan.

Our licensed agents work with all the major carriers and do the heavy lifting for you. They will match you with the right plan for you.

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Call us today for a quote  (888) 421-2216

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Why should I have Dental insurance?

Because tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease in both children and adults. More than 40% of children under the age of 11 suffer from dental caries. Prevention is better than cure! Dental insurance makes routine check-ups for you and your family affordable.

How will we benefit?

Untreated tooth decay can lead to problems with eating and speaking not to mention pain.
Emergency treatment can be expensive and is avoidable! Dental insurance is not expensive. Neglect is!

Ensure Health will help to find the best vision insurance policy for you..

What is covered?

This depends on your policy but you can expect coverage for common dental care issues and help to budget for dental services at all levels: preventative, basic, and major.

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Understanding Dental Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay?

NOTE: Basic dental care for children under the age of 18 is included in all health insurance plans.

Of course, this depends on the coverage and your choice of deductible and co-pay.


Basic coverage can be as little as $10 per month and even the most comprehensive plans should not exceed $30 per month. We can advise you on the policies which offer you the best value.


If you are considering vision as well, you can save on your premiums by combining them. You might even consider paying an annual premium to make further savings.

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